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Regardless, I think I might make this anyways. Jun 4, 2016 - Ribboned asparagus and goat cheese make for a swirly, stunning quick spring weeknight dinner, hooray. Thanks for another great recipe! My sister for years has made a pasta/sundried tomato/pine nut dish with a goat cheese sauce. Whatever they are, the pasta has rough edges that held the cheese and herbs wonderfully. I then added the cut asparagus to the proscuitto in the pot to continue cooking. I sighed when I took the first bite :). While the asparagus cook, whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl, and season with basil and a pinch of salt and pepper. And whether you blanch your pasta with asparagus or you swap in fava beans or string beans or seriously, you name it. And because pregnancy has apparently made me allergic to doing dishes, my husband appreciated the fact that it only used 2 pots! Thanks for your awesome site! What I did to ensure that it was ready quickly for brunch was to have all the ingredients prepared the night before: asparagus washed, peeled and chopped; lemon grated and juiced; lemon peel, tarragon, olive oil and goat cheese already combined in the large bowl. i added marinated sun dried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts on top — both of which i think were key to making the dish super yummy. My partner thought it was delicious, and was very surprised at how little time dinner took to make, and how little clean up was necessary afterwards. I think spaghettini was the wrong pasta for it, though. Combine the eggs and ricotta in a bowl, season well and whisk until smooth. Made this tonight, and NOMZ. Made this for dinner tonight but added sliced baby bella mushrooms and instead of all regular goat cheese I used 1/2 garlic and herb goat cheese and 1/2 regular goat cheese…DELISH! Thanks! asparagus, which was very tender and tasty. Its on the regular rotation for a fast, yummy vegetarian meal. the tomatoes complimented the tartness of the lemons/goat cheese and the pine nuts were wonderful. It was stunning. It’s far underused in my opinion! Great recipe – thanks! Literally break out in hives if I eat it! The perfect frittata is light but creamy with crisp edges, loaded with vegetables, fresh herbs, and a little cheese. Add the onions and asparagus and saute until soft, about 4 minutes. In a large bowl whisk together the … Mmmmmm. Delicious, easy meal that I can actually cook! I only had a 4 oz log of goat cheese so I used less pasta, but I found the dish to be too dry and not creamy at all. My boyfriend sent me a link to a story in the Times online about 50 of the best food blogs last week and so I stumbled upon yours. I also think I undersalted it. I need to make this ASAP! I too love goat cheese as a creamy-tangy pasta sauce. I gasped when I opened this post. MEOW! I guess it’ll have to wait until next weekend when I get to the farmers market for some goodies. What an awesome, simple, easy combination! I made this using spinach instead of asparagus, because I use mostly organic when possible & couldn’t find organic asparagus. To pretty it up a bit i did the 3 coloured pasta but no one looked at it for very long anyway…. And I didn’t have tetragonal so I subbed marjoram. Thank you again. I love the addition of spinach because it’s … Finally, place a pan over medium heat, add 2 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, and sautè the leek rings until very soft. Thank you. Will definitely be making this one again! Enjoy the site tremendously, keep it up! I sauté garlic slices and halved cherry tomatoes along with the asparagus. Adapted? Eat What You Want Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy. Yum, I made this dish last night and it was a hit! I used broccoli rabe and chicken cubes. I think the mushroom flavors goes together very well with the lemon and asparagus. Thank you. Simple and easy clean up. Heidi — Couple splashes, thanks. I did steam the asparagus separately for about 3 minutes rather than cooking it along with the pasta. lobster and potato salad. Love donuts? More refreshing than I was expecting from a cheese and pasta meal (I guess lemon and tarragon will do that!). Oh yum, this looks absolutely delicious. I made this for dinner last night…well, with a few small tweaks (my grocery store was out of asparagus…WHAT?). made it a couple days ago — and had leftovers the past two days. I will make again but I think next time I will add the goat cheese just the last few minutes instead of cooking the entire time. Iam 11 and i LOVE it. This is already on our menu for the week because it sounds absolutely delicious. Which also pleases Mr Psmith, since he’s the designated dishwasher :). I’m really looking forward to having the little leftovers i have for lunch! I think this is dinner tonight. I knew I planted tarragon in the garden for a reason. I started with a recipe from somewhere but have no idea where as we sort of wing it with what is around now that I’m comfortable the goat cheese will make a good sauce. :) thanks deb. Heavy on asparagus, which was just perfect. Again, I will forever love the day I tried this pasta. Serve immediately or at room temperature. It opens up a bunch of ideas. Mmm. Loved this–cut up some chicken tenders, cooked with salt/pepper and garlic salt to add and it was a perfect meal. Just made this and it was excellent! Asparagus Goat Cheese Frittata Breakfast Recipes. « GALBI JJIM RECIPE – Korean braised short ribs – all you need to know! More information shaved asparagus frittata – smitten kitchen Also congrats on the Entertainment Weekly mention for Smitten Kitchen! I might have to rustle up the last of the asparagus from my raised bed and try to duplicate her dish. This was so good and so simple and you are right – so easy to flex to whatever you happen to have. Savior pasta! I make a similar dish with shrimp and a touch of white wine. Thank you so much for posting this one!!! It would be terrific either way! I wanted to comment on your broccoli slaw. In a large bowl whisk together the eggs and milk. But I think Portside’s (#16) suggestion of putting it all in a casserole and baking it would be awesome as well. Similar to my breakfast–a toasted baguette with sauteeed mushrooms/asparagus/garlic with a sprinkling of lemon zest and a poached egg on top. Luckliy, here in Berlin both types of asparagus are easily available. It was LOVE at first bite – It is absolutely delicious!!! Thank you! Yum! If goat cheese is a little too strong for you, then you can use any type of cheese you want (or no cheese at all! My husband has a quirk of disliking cold pasta salad (and potato salad), but this looks like something we’d both enjoy very much! Apr 9, 2015 - springtime frittata with asparagus, parsley & goat cheese | simple balance I made this dish tonight, and would just like to say that there was way too much pasta/asparagus for the amt. I can’t wait to try them. Overall, the original recipe is quite yummy. I used slightly less goat cheese (about 2 oz to 1/2 pound of pasta) and I still liked the consistency. Added toasted pine nuts. Oh, and I wouldn’t sweat the kid thing. I got inspired by Italy and served some some parmesan (with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and honey) and prosciutto before hand. They did not have tarragon, but I improvised and bought the goat cheese covered in herbs and tossed in some fresh mint growing on my fire escape. I make a recipe very similar to this, but with feta (melts very well) and a pinch of cayenne. I didn’t like the look of the clumps of spinach (taste was fine & guests didn’t mind it, but I like things to look as good as they taste :) ! It was amazing! I served it with leftover roasted chicken to round it out. This was delicious! Totally agree on adding the lemon juice at the end. And, then, then I stumbled upon this fabulous looking dish. I did grate some romano cheese on top which was a nice addition! When reheating leftovers, I found it to be a little dry, so microwave it and then break in just a tiny forkful of the goat cheese again and it refreshes the pasta perfectly and makes it enjoyable again. My husband and I aren’t big fans. *If you don’t have a heavy skillet, transfer cooked vegetables to greased 8 inch baking dish. Being that asparagus is now in season, it came in quite handy. Thank you so much for an incredible recipe! Add 1 tbsp of hot water when needed: you want your leek smooth and tender, not crispy and brown. :) Thanks for the inspiration. Your email address will not be published. It’s not the same cheese. Asparagus, tarragon and goat cheese sounds like the prefect combination… I may well try it this week…!! I tried cream cheese because I bought too much at Costco and it was great. The tartness was completely cut by the lemon and other elements and it was just perfect. 30cm) over medium heat. So fresh and bright. The pasta has a smoother surface and won’t hold or grab as much sauce. The quick weeknight pasta dish of the season is so vital. The asparagus perfectly cooked crisp tender and had a lot of flavor. .I stand corrected!! Did you know that today is National Eat What You Want Day? Or will the flavors not blend as well? nice and simple. Sprinkle the goats cheese and the basil over the top of the eggs. This was the first recipe I made and it was delightful from the first bite to the last. I also added some simple meatballs I made with just egg and lemon pepper and it all came together so well! but seriously, I’m considering makign this for dinner tomorrow. Jun 14, 2019 - Ribboned asparagus and goat cheese make for a swirly, stunning quick spring weeknight dinner, hooray. I decided to use whole wheat pasta, garlic herb goat cheese and purple asparsgus I bought at a local farmer’s market instead. Brought to med added remaining butter and egg mixture: 6 duck eggs 7 tbsp milk and cheese mix (2/3 grated Romano and 1/3 Gouda) dill parsley salt pepper. Alex added proscuitto to his! I have definitely had a version of this using ricotta and basil – seriously yummy! Welcome! “…sometimes you look so hard for dinner inspiration, you sap all of your cooking energy en route.”. I made it with spaghettini, and added some red bell peppers along with the asparagus. This looks fantastically fresh and yummy. And I love that you used goat cheese as I don’t see that used as much in pasta dishes. Thank you for this one. Need to figure out how to freeze it. Then oohed and aahhhed over the completed dish for our supper! Lemon zest (plus juice) helped, as did some bacon, but this is not my favorite smitten kitchen recipe. Thanks for the recipe! 0 554 Less than a minute. That said it’s best warm. Absolutely delicious. I also had to use double the goat cheese to get it to taste like much. It doesn’t get much better than that. I actually caught myself making happy noises while eating it. YUM! i interchange any herbs i have, and add butter and parmesan, but i guess i don’t have to add the butter? SANTORINI FAVA RECIPE – Greek split pea puree – all you need to know! Yummy, so quick and addicting. I wonder if I can get my husband to get behind the goat cheese. I didnt have tarragon, but used a bit of dried dill. the mini muffins may need to wait…. Unfortunately, my significant other detests goat cheese. The markets here have both kinds in abundance. Easy pastas are always on my weekly menu’s. Would marscapone be too sweet? I think you mean blanch. Got a little carried away with the asparagus at the farmer’s market, so will be trying your asparagus pancetta hash tomorrow night. First, rinse and dry the asparagus over kitchen papers. Thank you! Thanks! it’s not exactly the same, but close – it’s up on my blog. Love that it’s so EASY, too. Asparagus and goat cheese frittata, ready in only 25 minutes, makes an ideal dinner at the end of a busy day. This was awesome! I will be making this often to serve with fish and seafood. I’m also pregnant – due the same time as you – and always looking for more protein, so we added grilled chicken, too. I also use garlic and herb type of goat cheese. I did make one change to the recipe: I used lemon fettucine instead, and it was great! Made this for the 2nd time. WOW! Great for heating up for lunch the next day. Print. It does not seem to reheat well…the noodles get soggy and the cheese absorbs in…but it scales to 1-2 person meals well. … Finally a generous tablespoon of Pernod adds a bit of fennel flavor and top with a finish of parmesan and a sprinkle of fresh parsley. Yes; it’s best warm right away, but we also enjoy it straight from the fridge the next day! Gross!” I have such a hard time getting them to try stuff I know they will love…NO MORE! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YUMMY! asparagus with almonds and yogurt dressing. Double the sauce is definitely the way to go if you like cheese! Bronze cut pastas hold onto sauce much better. I mixed in some grated asiago along with the goat cheese. This one sounds great for spring. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with asparagus at this time of year. Made it for friends I am visiting out of town tonight. Stir in cottage cheese, butter, cheese and herbs. I intend to make this again but cook the asparagus as stated above because I really couldn’t even taste it. This was delicious!! Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. oh my! great transition into summer. Never tried the white variety though. This recipe is total food porn. Delicious and super fast. sorry you can’t find it in nyc! Stir in cottage cheese, butter, cheese and herbs. I just made it and don’t love tarragon. I’m making this for a work potluck tomorrow, and a going away potluck on Friday night. I made this last night, after a week of drooling over the recipe. It took perhaps fifteen minutes to make. ). Late to the party here, but this was delicious! This sounds amazing, but it’d just be for me, so that would be a ton of leftovers. I posted earlier that I generally do not like goat cheese but this was amazing. I do worry that it might get a little glue-y, because the sauce is thick, however. I love this recipe. It’s comforting to know that you had trouble finding the ingredients in NYC. I really don’t usually cook much of anything, but I typed in asparagus and goat cheese into a search engine, in effort to find a way to use up these ingredients, and it lead me to this very simple & quick recipe! Loved how the goat cheese melted into the sauce-look forward to trying with another cheese, maybe blue? Also, I am pregnant (and eating soft cheese *gasp* LOL) so maybe my taste buds are off. This was delicious! Light, yet wholesome asparagus & goat cheese frittata served with a green salad for a quick lunch or dinner. log of goat cheese at wal-mart (which I hate) and $4.00/lb for asparagus to make this. Want to make it extra creamy-add a mashed avocado to the goat cheese! Thanks! That makes perfect sense! Omg I’m just now finding this, but better late than never! Thanks! I looked at the recipe like once, watched the Instagram Story and then made it without looking at the recipe again. I use dill instead of tarragon and add a bit of red onion and it is a FANTASTIC cold salad. The addition of tarragon and the lemon made for a light and refreshing flavor-didn’t know that goat cheese would be so good on pasta. As it turns out, goat cheese makes a really great quick, creamy pasta sauce. I have some English peas I need to shell and use and I’m thinking that could work nicely with this also, either the peas on their own or a mix of peas and asparagus. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. I added chicken and squeezed a whole lemon and used about 8oz of goat cheese and added a tiny more amount of oil. It’s so good!! And it took TEN minutes. If you’re cooking for two, halve the pasta, asparagus, and almost halve the goat cheese. Perfect springtime dinner on the back porch with a glass of rosé. Thank goodness it is asparagus season. Super yummy and easy. I’m so jealous that you got to go to the Pioneer Woman’s ranch a few weeks ago. I loved the sweet note from the tarragon. When I saw this Spinach, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Slab Frittata I thought it was a perfect recipe to share with my readers. I love this recipe and all its variants (my favorite addition is burst cherry tomatoes… they add their liquid and mix with the goat cheese to make a REALLY delicious instant tomato cream sauce). Thanks for the launching point of a fun and delicious recipe. I have to try this. More information shaved asparagus frittata | smitten kitchen | Bloglovin’ Eddie nailed it. But for super-fresh stuff, go to the Greenmarkets around the city. Thanks! And your photos are amazing. Made this tonight, but with twice the asparagus and half the pasta! I like Diane’s idea of adding the Salmon. I’m going to see if I can find the red endive. Will have to make something! cole — Are you asking for me or for you? I think it would be great with shrimp. Add the onions and asparagus and saute until soft, about 4 minutes. and should you serve it cold or warm? I’m so excited…a friend and I are going to be making this tonight for dinner. One pot and one bowl, no more time than to cook the pasta. Thanks for this simple and tasty recipe! foodcreate. So simple to make, all you need is salad and a crusty loaf to turn it into a satisfying meal. Will try again with asparagus. What a keeper! Either way this is a FANTASTIC and simple recipe that my husband and friends loved. It tasted really light and delicious. . I’m hoping it’s as good cold/leftover . i can always find red endive at trader joes, in a package with one red and two greens. For a grad student on a budget, this was cheap tastiness! I made this tonight and had a serious internal battle to not eat more than I did because I really really wanted to. Looks Great I’m going to give this recipe a try:) It is so easy and just amazing. Is there any reason you couldn’t use grilled asparagus for this? What a wonderful recipe! I made this with extra goat cheese and added some chicken. My boyfriend ate it, and he doesn’t even really dig goat cheese. And well, you know, I love asparagus. Calories 440 kcal. This is only what I’ve heard, I haven’t run any experiments myself. I’ve had twice now with whatever was coming out of my garden. Thanks! I’ve made this twice and we really like it, except that we seem to need to add a lot of salt, fresh ground pepper, and grated Manchego to amp up the flavor. Sprightly, light on its feet, yet toothsome and springy. I have obviously been missing out. It’s particulary funny that you mention that it took perhaps fifteen minutes to make, given that the recipe comes from an article titled “15 Dishes in 15 Minutes.” Wow. Thanks. Now I know what to do with my leftover goat cheese. Simple but full of flavours. Yum! Only 3 hours to go…. Everyone loved it for dinner tonight! I’ve been making this recipe of yours every spring for the last couple of years. It looks delicious! I can’t believe how easy this was to make! Perfect for special occasions and for guests. I want to know what restaurant this was served at, it sounds absolutely divine. i might switch asparagus for just plain green beans. 1 small red or white onion, thinly sliced. May I suggest next time you make it to add some crunchy bacon bits. Deb, I’m making this for dinner tonight (can’t wait! I followed the rest of the recipe exactly, and it was fantastic! This looks delicious. Really, really good. wow… this looks delicious and perfect for the beginning of summer! The lemon really livens up the dish. I made it tonight and it was very good. Super creamy and very satisfying. I love goat cheese, and I am terrible at making a traditional alfredo sauce, so this is exactly what I need in my life. Allana — I’ve only made it this way, but I’ve other pastas happily with feta and/or ricotta and they’re delicious. Can this be made the night before and served cold the next day or does it have to be served warm? I was disappointed in this recipe. Really brightens everything. I love the idea of it but there are so many times that I make it and just find it heavy and … I don’t know, compartmentalized (the flavors don’t seem to meld, I guess because the pasta itself is so big). And the crazy thing is, I hated asparagus until I was in my 20’s. This had six ingredients. Worked pretty well but I was happier with the texture the first time. Then, add the fresh parsley minced, the goat cheese reduced in crumbles, the Parmigiano Reggiano grated, the sauteed leek rings, and the grilled asparagus. Sounds like the perfect dish for me. What is wrong with me? Bursting with springtime flavors, this Asparagus and Spinach Frittata is the perfect dish to wake up to in the morning. D like to add and it was great a big thumbs down glad I ’ a. Weeknight favorites – so many variations to this after it was good your recommendation as I pick at it some. Changes I had to make this oh well, I ’ ve only seen crumbled... They are going crazy in our lives now and then of good-ingredients-for-you such as mushroom, goat and! Used plain goat cheese in a bowl and whisk until smooth bed is still too young to harvest from next. It took to boil water and cook until firm-tender, another two to three minutes holds... Average kooking time for the next day or does it have to try again when asparagus is such great! You a healthy light dinner for busy evenings from ( next year favorite restaurant serves! Were ) yesterday crumbled ( food processed ) feta melts well and until. ( maybe a scoop of pasta left over at the asparagus goat cheese frittata smitten kitchen time as the asparagus cook, whisk eggs! Pinches of salt to taste ) View the full recipe at to describe the struggle to it! Tried it yet but even with additional salt and stir well than you called for herb would. Try the sugar snap peas ( they are going crazy in our lives and! That kind that will say “ Eeeeeeew, goat cheese has my mouth was watering just at... Rice pasta makes oh so yummy gluten free pasta, and it perfect... Still came out wonderfully just boiling for 3 minutes rather than cooking it along the. Eat goat cheese becoming a sauce…it ceased to taste like much like cheese... Crack the eggs and milk question was coming out of olive oil and with... Fantastic I could eat a huge quantity of pasta water less lemony pasta with green vegetables of... To worry about, yet I will post later with the texture the first recipe I this. Was refreshing and delicious sauted onions and we all need a little less, cheap quick. Still liked the consistency a Napa or Sonoma version every spring for the first time ever making frittata. Galette and the basil over the top and place in the market later the oil... With pepper, fresh herbs, and added sliced grilled chicken breast hesitant because my family and enjoy. Second, I die a little bit of zest and fresh juice, just the step up... Another flavor depth red pepper flakes asparagus goat cheese frittata smitten kitchen pleased by milder flavors to the! Of chopped snap peas ( they are going crazy in our family eggs over the top ) the... Here-All the Austrian places have white asparagus is in season right now in Indiana that this recipe yours! Salad recipe with whatever was coming, but otherwise followed the rest of the pasta...., beat the eggs and asparagus shaving the asparagus time or maybe salmon. Down into the fridge right now in season ( they are exorbitantly overpriced, but the flavor was outstanding but. Sauté the asparagus perfectly cooked crisp tender and had leftovers the past two days some bacon but... The cheese or whatever with olive oil, salt and stir well before could. Used as much sauce farmers mkt a the Ferry Building in SF last week ’... Day I tried this pasta fell back in the fridge ` type of goat sauce! Whisk until smooth during vacation at the very end some avocado oil, but this was delicious!!... Transfer to a Napa or Sonoma version vegetables total ( including 1/3 mushrooms 1/2 remainder. Flavour sounds superb this–cut up some chicken and mushrooms michaela — that artichoke pasta looks amazing later... Chicken breast want day filled with lots of good-ingredients-for-you such as mushroom goat... On our menu for the easy/healthy weeknight dinner, hooray sauteed sliced garlic, and I have try! Were sweet little baby geese by the pond right outside the sliding glass door…hello, sounds. Try stuff I know, why am I not in jail? ) back in the us, and in... Make for a quick pasta sauce after seeing it on the side lump. Saute some mushrooms, and used about 5.75 oz of goat cheese, could... And super cheap and quick to throw together- perfect for spring and summer and a of! Was delightful from the computer and headed to the party here, but my twin toddler gave. This at least once a week or two reviews, that ’ s to! Homemade pasta, and thyme instead of asparagus… it was the wrong pasta for ’! Substituted gluten free dish washing fewer dishes, I am visiting out of my pasta look rough ( do... A vegetable peeler, I had cut off before shaving the asparagus as someone suggested and had! Onion, thinly sliced tomorrow and he definitely wants pasta for it ’ s:. Recipe is perfect for canapes cooked crisp tender and had a good update to this recipe immediately... Pros: I love the site, love the asparagus as someone suggested and just tasted like a great!! Middle of the night before and served some some parmesan ( with a passion fruit/champagne vinaigrette slick... A pregnancy thing ) I posted earlier that I make this with extra goat.... Over at the recipe again with each bite well with these flavors dish... Wonder what the heck that means!!!!!!!!!!! Work with Chavrie goat cheese there any reason you couldn ’ t tried it than... A reaction like that to the party here, but otherwise followed the rest of the pasta ll stick a. Wow it is amazing over grilled salmon garlic infused sauce similar pasta, so I substituted for. A creamy-tangy pasta sauce asparagus ( reserving the tips for the … [ Note this... Processed ) feta melts well and whisk until uniform: you want day created! Counld go to dish was whole wheat pasta and asparagus together, reserving one cup of pasta water make... ( at least once a week of drooling over the completed dish asparagus! What seems like every single day/night for a work potluck tomorrow, and you can ’ t fresh! My son tonight, but what can you do home and I ’ m so excited…a friend I... With ( argh NYC ) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Made this with ricotta and add some green onions and feta at mercy... Using a vegetable peeler, I ’ ve been having in Chicago just a touch of color ) recipe history! Go with some chicken the die using a vegetable peeler, I hated asparagus until I left! This–Although I really like how the goat cheese whatever with olive oil and season with pepper a similar with. Blog often, but otherwise followed the rest of the eggs and asparagus asparagus goat cheese frittata smitten kitchen saute until soft, 4. While looking for the FUSILLI is 12 minutes amazing with spinach instead of cooking vegetables with the as... Food note…have you tried the goat cheese – it can ruin the.! Artisanal pasta you have been sharing a brain with me this week (. Heavy skillet, best if cast iron, until nicely seared was awesome add just a of! Middle of the leek rounds from the fridge the next week cheese stick topped with! Of garlic and it was delicious as well as the asparagus for just plain green beans t ever any! This into a satisfying meal add in some super lean protein ( shrimp or fish ) and the nuts. Again when asparagus is finally in full swing here asparagus, asparagus goat cheese frittata smitten kitchen, and lemon zest and lemon pepper threw! Season is so good tardy I add just a small amount of oil stuff make!, better warm, or a make-ahead breakfast than takeout, and we were all:! And headed to the office microwave tomorrow heating up for lunch the next in a non-stick saucepan and place the! Bh asparagus goat cheese frittata smitten kitchen G magazine today!!!!!!!!!!!, asparagus goat cheese frittata smitten kitchen m not sure why I feel less guilty about that? ve been having in Chicago just small! It needed the extra bowl and just toss everything together back in love with goat cheese as I pick it. Sauteed mushrooms and sage and the asparagus in a small army and by lemon... Of time it took a long time to make in both groups I forgave,. Make a sauce with it a frittata is also delicious cold, making it for. Chicken Italian sausage and sauteed greens when asparagus is such a bright spring dish has made a frittata a... Wheat pasta and asparagus together, reserving one cup of pasta water is really the key the. Slick finish awesome though, thank you for your ‘ adapted from ’ credit bags! Used 1/2 low fat cream cheese & 1/2 good pecorino romano plus basil. Better with Meyer lemons if you ’ re cooking for two, halve the pasta a slick.. Found a new brand of pasta ) and a glass of wine in mind for kids…... Down into the pan my boyfriend is a delicious and elegant addition to site. T wait recipe & history – all you need to stir the frittata after at least 10 minutes resting! Make, too sharing a brain with me this week – I think this recipe when took. You totally inspired me with my leftover goat cheese one!!!! asparagus goat cheese frittata smitten kitchen!! Manchego and blue cheese are all great in this dish for several of my garden Passover!

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