Private Chefs

Private Chefs

Next Level Home Cooking

Next Level Home Cooking

Our Private Chef service is a unique opportunity to have high-quality food that fits your lifestyle and health goals.

Each service is customized to meet our client’s needs. We plan weekly or daily menus, shop, clean up and prepare on-site or deliver.

As a client, you will work with our Executive Chef to create a personalized plan based on your preferences, goals, and schedule.

Who it’s for

Everyone can enjoy a private chef

Busy Families and Kids, Foodies, Specialty Diets (Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free), Professional Athletes, Elderly, Health Conscious, Picky Eaters, Actors, Allergy Specific Diets, Health Centered Diets (for IBS, Cancer, Diabetes)


We also provide daily chef assistance if you just need a helping hand. This service is great if you’re entertaining or are preparing for house guests.

Our chefs will assist you with any culinary needs you have at an affordable hourly rate.

All of our Private Chef clients receive 20% off of our Private Dinners and large parties. 


How is this service priced?

This depends on a few things. We have clients that use us once a week, twice a week, daily, or only on weekends. Some have us deliver and others have travel requirements. Others use us as an on-call culinary service...

Each individual, family, and business have different requirements. With everything, we like to have a conversation to see what works best for you.

How often do you show up?

As often as you’d like. From once a week to full-time placement, we’ve got you covered.

Do you provide full-time placement?

Yes. This includes an extensive interview and placement process on our end. Finding a full-time chef for our clients is a detailed process.

Do you travel?

Yes. We have flown out to countless locations so that our clients are taken care of regardless of location.

Do you accommodate special diets and allergies?

Yes. In fact, most of our clients have specific diets and requirements. We are a very detailed culinary service and are capable of dealing with most any diet or food allergies.

Are we covered if our chef becomes ill or goes on vacation?

Yes. In this situation, we rely upon the rest of our team to fill in the gaps.

Do you cook in our home or deliver?

Whichever you prefer.

How specific can we get with our requests?

We handle all things culinary and enjoy any challenges.

Is this service good for children?

Yes. We can pack lunches, puree baby foods, etc. It’s nice knowing that you can keep your children eating consistently healthy with our service. Picky eaters are not a problem.

What does the 20% off apply to for Private Chef Customers?

If you entertain, or even if your business throws events and parties, a 20% discount is deducted from your bill. This has resulted in major savings for our clients and their businesses.

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The Private Chefs 4.8 star rating 22 reviews

Meet The Executive Chef

Chef Andy is the Executive Chef and Founder of The Private Chefs. He studied at Le Cordon Bleu and has worked in fine dining since 2001, including Michelin-starred restaurants, country clubs, and event companies.


The Private Chefs 4.8 star rating 22 reviews